Welcome to my new site!

My previous web site was rather long in the tooth and was due for a serious content rewrite. It was built of HTML and CSS with no AJAX or JavaScript, the technology was, therefore, obsolete.

Instead of migrating the content, since most of the articles and pages were also quite old, this website represents a fresh start. That is to say, does anyone really need to read an article regarding the pros and cons of SOA or an introduction to cloud computing today? Didn't think so.

Car Shows

I have a few older cars that qualify as classic cars. I did not set out to collect classic cars, it just happened. Some of the cars I bought new, I kept long enough for them to become classics. I wasn't my intent when I bought these cars to purchase them and park them  in a garage for 20, 30, or 40 years. Time has a way of getting away from you until, suddenly, a few decades have passed.


This is our backyard. The original owners of our home were gardeners. When they owned our property, the yards were beautiful, which our neighbors related. However, the people from whom we bought the house did not care for gardening or keeping up the gardens, so the backyard was overgrown to the point of being wild.


I've been a boat owner for a very long time. I bought a car the year I graduated college, Isabella, and the following year, I bought my first new boat.

It's a wonderful activity for so many reasons. It's a lot of fun. it gets you outside and not just outside but outside and on the water. There's nothing better than being on and around water.  ...and the more water, the better. There's lots and lots of water in the Atlantic Ocean. We sometimes vacation on the boat and when we travel with the boat, our dogs accompany us.


Spring is coming! Don't get all Wuhan SARS depressed. Look at the trees and you'll see they started to bud.

I didn't get to run Leo this weekend and, since he has dumb batteries, the charge had to be run down to less than 70%. Without a LiPo exerciser, there's only one thing to do... run him!

I put this video on Facebook, which, as usual, munged all of the quality from the video until it looked like mud. We had better video back in the NTSC days than we do on Facebook.


I love photography! I've been interested in it for a very, very long time. I had a few different cameras as a child, including a simple box camera that used 120 film. Despite rather simple and not very good optics, the larger medium format film produced good images. I soon started developing and printing the 120 film myself.

Dad gave me a basic photo enlarger one Christmas, which used thermal paper. I was very excited to watch my images appear on the thermal printer, but I wanted more. For several years, I processed my film and then printed using conventional B&W chemistry.

Home Automation

Home automation is a hot topic for consumers today with systems such as Amazon's Alexa and Apple's HomeKit among others. But home automation isn't a new topic. There were custom systems from companies such as Crestron at the very high end of the market and at the very low end, products such as the X10 system that have been around since the 1970s.


We have shared our home with a number of dogs over the years. They were all good dogs, interesting and unique. They all definitely have their own personalities!

We adopted Ducky first. He was living outside on a farm in Pennsylvania before we adopted him. He was covered with ticks and needed a good bath and grooming. A very smart dog, he kept us on our toes. He had liver problems and later cancer, both of which we treated. His vet loved him so much that when he spent the day there for tests or treatments, he didn't stay in a kennel. Instead, he lounged on the sofa in her office.